Friday, March 03, 2006


Dear Diary,

# Just getting over the flu. Hardly ever get sick. Hopes it's not bird flu. Must go into town & sneeze on all those Labour voters if it is. Have sort of given up smoking, sorta.

# 2 comedys: "Everyone hates Raymond" & "My name is Earl" are Hard Case! Great lead in to LOST, still the polar axis of TV week. Had peek thru TV guides, Jack & Ana Lucia end up an item. Could mean Sawyer & Kate likewise, hope so, always thought he'd be far more fun for her than boring old Jack. Sounds silly getting deeply involved like this, but really enjoying the show. DVDs for series 1 are cool. No doubt will buy series 2.

# Rodney should definitely Dance with the Stars.
An insanely popular show, you can't buy publicity like this! How do you woo the female electorate? With romance, of course. Nothing epitomises fiery amour like Ballroom Dancing; an elaborate courting ritual smouldering with passionate suspense. Go get 'em, Rodders! Nothing to lose, except a few inches 'round the puku. The Women's Mags might then exalt you as Weight Loss Success Story, powerfully resonating with their ever-dieting readership. You'll have truly won them over.

# Have got to wean self off blogsophere, slow down a bit. Becoming too obsessed. When you spend more time with people online than you do in real life, it's time to log off. Can safely say have never met (in real life) another blogger. Thus the potential for lying creative self-realisation is enormous. Might give self cyber-makeover. Become rich, white, young & beautiful. And blond (of course!)

# Can't believe I missed
almost entire Winter Olympics. Except for some spectacular ice dancing, arial jumping & the event where you leap off huge ski-jump and 'fly' as far as you can. That was sensational!

# Am considering abrupt career change & enrolling at the school of massage therapy. But the thought of more studying and more student debt (only to become an unemployed masseur) is rather off putting.

# Been regularly hassled at the Mall by these strange credit card people who offer to pay off your CC debt and then you repay them instead. Whole idea sounds ridiculous, imo. And who can be bothered filling out all those forms and answering their nosey questions?

# Am jumping on the "New Zealander"/ Census bandwagon and will declare self as such. Either scribble it in the margin or draw & tick a separate box.


Ed said...

I believe the Princess Diairies is already taken.

t selwyn said...

"Am jumping on the "New Zealander"/ Census bandwagon and will declare self as such." - Why?

phil said...

That's a shame, Ed. I wonder if has already been snapped up?

Tim - Basically in support of kiwis' right to self-identify as they themselves please. If NZers wanna call thenselves "NZers" & not "NZ Europeans/ Pakeha" or some other uncomfortable label imposed upon them - I support their right to protest.

Fwiw, I filled out my form tonight. I wrote "New Zealander" in the ethnicity box...
And then on the next page chose Ngati Porou as my affiliated iwi (without bothering to delve into my Kahungunu & Nga Puhi whakapapa). Again, it was a question of choice, MY CHOICE about who I am, who I say I am, and how I choose to identify myself.

No one will make those choices for me. So, in that sense, I'm sympathetic to NZers who are happy to call themselves "New Zealanders" but have been denied that option by the census' designers.

sagenz said...

those happy credit card people at the mall will replace your 3 $1000 debts with a single happy $4000 debt, with $200 cash in your hand from the extra $1000. you wont be happy with high hidden fees interest rate the the propensity to strongarm you if you cant keep up with payments. once you get on that slippy slope you will be debt for a v long time.