Friday, March 03, 2006

Save The Kiwis!

Incredibly cute

Absolutely adorable western brown chicks hatched at Otorohanga Kiwi House to be released next month on Maungatautari Ecological Island. Gorgeous wee fullahs.
Go, national icons!

Hell freezing over?

Most pleasantly surprised with George Hawkins' proposed private members bill to clamp down on willy-nilly baby-killing. Ka pai, George! Let's do something about rampant 'abortion as contraception'; definitely not what framers of Contraception, Sterilisation & Abortion Act had in mind upon enactment. How will this fly with Labour's lefties? Or National's lefties? (oops, sorry I meant 'centre-right'). Quite a few of our right wing MPs support Fetal Extermination. UF's Gordon Copeland lends uncertain support, says he's 'distressed' about staggeringly high death toll, but wary of appearing 'judgemental'. Most surprised that Child Murderers Inc, aka Family Planning Assn, haven't yet exploded in indignant rage. Expedient as ever, they're adopting the 'women need more resources' line; their approval (one suspects) conditional on benefits accruing to abortion advisors, ie, the FPA clinicians themselves. Still, very good news. Hope bill is drawn from ballot & generates tons of debate.

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Rob Good said...

Someone told me once that Kiwi's taste bad.... Not much meat on them..... They are cute though.