Friday, March 10, 2006

catch up

Congratulations, Judge Anand Satyanand, widely tipped to become next Governor General. A most worthy appointee, imo. During past Official Information battles, I've had many dealings with Ombudsman's Office, and extremely impressed with their efficiency (unlike Privacy Commissioner), crisp professionalism, helpful accessible staff and his fair, impartial rulings, always lucidly explained. Dunno about his other legal work, but judging from his time as Ombudsman, Judge Satyanand will make an Excellent GG: scholarly, thorough & judicious. Well done, I'm pleased for him!

Sicko scumbag lawyer convicted for possessing Hundreds of Child Porn images will not be deregistered! WTF? Shame on the paedophile-enabling NZ Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal for not banishing this loathsome dangerous PERVERT. Can lawyers' collective reputation be any more besmirched? They're hated foremost coz they're overpriced liars & thieves, but child molestation is an inexciusable descent into depravity.
Among.. reasons.. for not striking him off the register or suspending him were that Mr McKeague had taken responsibility for his offending & the heavy public price he had paid since it came to light
Had the Tribunal any probity whatsoever, the child abuser would be permanently black listed. If the pervert had even a skerrick of dignity or contrition, he'd 'take responsibility' and fade into humiliated obloquy. That he'll return to public life with Law Tribunal's approval, demonstrates a callous lack of contrition, bombastic arrogance, and gross insensitivity to all child victims of sexual exploitation. Disgusting freaks, all!

the penny finally drops
At last, the NZPA obtains a clue flatly admitting: (1) our nuke-free legislation is The major impediment to closer (military) ties with the US, and (2) we are a tiny irrelevant pimple at the bottom of the world. Refreshing & abrupt about-turn on standard editorial gibberish which insists the Yanks must accommodate NZ's feeble nuclear cowardice. Our msm finally get it: our blind obeisance to outdated, immature rose-tinted pacifism precludes us ever becoming
'friends' of America - to our everlasting detriment - further consigning ourselves to ignominous global ineffectuality. When the muslims/Chinese finally invade us, I hope the Labour voting woofters (who cheered on our complete national defencelessness) are the first to be slaughtered. Pussy wimps too scared to fight deserve nothing better.

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