Saturday, March 11, 2006

the final frontier

Mars mission
NASA breathes huge sigh of relief as Mars Reconnaissance spacecraft, launched last August, successfully reaches perfect orbit around Red Planet - an incredibly difficult feat (for some reason), 2/3 of all Mars missions fail. Launched in August, it is:
"The most advanced spacecraft ever sent to another planet.. It is equipped to send back 10 times as much data as all previous probes put together"
Dang, those sexy Americans! Just love their Awesome technological achievements & can do spirit - reaching for the stars! Meanwhile, wallowing in the mud back here in NZ, we can't even get a road built out of Wgtn or a 2nd Akld bridge. On the bright side, even in craphole kiwiland we can still enjoy the party via the US's 2 other great gifts to the world: TV & internet. God bless America (and their brilliant scientists & engineers)! And lest we forget, does anyone remember which 43rd president is a staunch supporter of the Mars missions? Thank you, Mr Cheney's boss!

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