Sunday, March 26, 2006


Golden Ferns!
New Zealand beats Australia (I love saying that!) 60-55 in a high-scoring & thrilling netball final, the last gold medal match at the Comms. Great game! I was shunting myself the whole way through! Good to exorcise the heartbreak of Kuala Lumpur & Manchester where those pesky Ozzys triumphed. As usual it was rough & physical with heaps of big hits & players sprawled all over the floor. Most satisfying to beat them at home. And wasn't Bill Colling sensational!

And so... we finish the games with six golds, which is about on par with the Ozzies - if you round the numbers up to the nearest thousand ;-)
Hey, I'm an optimist :-)

Sunday Horrors
Quickly, someone euthanise me! I've heard the unmentionable country's anthem so often over the last week or so, I've started absentmindedly humming & singing it to myself :-o

"Advarrrnce [note 'correct' enunciation] Ostrail-yer Fair"

Hope there's a cure!

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