Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Louise Nicholas rape trial begins

Cops in Court
Louise Nicholas
gives evidence against Asst Police Commisioner & 2 ex-policemen charged with multiple historical sex crimes.
"[She] says.. Rickards & Shipton would visit her house for sex.. in late 1985 when she was 18 [they] arrived at her flat uninvited up to a dozen times"
Come on! Twelve times!? Who would REPEATEDLY welcome back gang rapists inside their home? Sounds all rather 'consensual' to me. I don't buy her story. Personally, think she was your garden variety slut. I'm sorry, I grew up among broke suburban Maoris (& White Trash, who are just as slutty as Maoris). Having babies at 15 is nothing unusual, nor is group sex at 18. I reckon Louise just liked to shag cops - a uniform fetish or power thing some women have. The liaisons eventually concluded and years later -- in an era of left-wing media-driven feminist sexual hysteria [all men are rapists, assailants, paedophiles], where decades old scandals are intered & relitigated, and with glamourised victimhood run amok -- Ms Nicholas seeks her 15 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

We agree they have been on trial before and found not guilty I reackon Helen Clake has got it in for Rickards . Nicholas has a history of being a slut and crickey it was 20 years ago who the hell can remember any thing in detail