Thursday, March 16, 2006

God bless the child

Kill paedophiles dead!
Please pray for the poor innocent defenceless victims of unbearably abhorrent depravity; child porn rings showing Live Molestations on the internet. Words fail me.
Authorities.. have identified 7 victims including the toddler whose molestation in April by a suburban Chicago man was transmitted live via an internet chat room.. We see child molestation on demand through streaming to chat rooms.. children are getting younger & the images are getting more & more violent & graphic
Please read this article (if you have the stomach) and know that Evil really does exist. At times like this the death penalty doesn't quite seem punitive enough. Say a prayer, shed a tear, at least spare a thought for the hapless wretched casualties suffering incomprehensible horrors. Death to KFCs! Hell can never be hot enough for these demoniac monsters.

Manslaying medics
Poignant, heartbreaking triumph against tragic background for British parents of terminally ill child, winning legal battle against overly zealous euthanising doctors. Although poor boy's life expectancy is less than a year,
He continues to see & hear & feel touch & to have awareness of his surroundings & in particular of the people who are close to him - his family - and to have the normal thought process of a small child of 18 months
It's shocking that 'doctors' ["first do no harm"] are so keen to KILL him. It's gobsmacking that parents need a High Court ruling to fend off bloodlusty medics, as if their agonising predicament isn't difficult enough already. When doctors, in our 'enlightened' West, so routinely abort babies, euthanise 'defective' newborns (like in Holland) and enthusiastically cheer on the deaths of toddlers - against the family's wishes! - it almost makes the Islamic world seem civilised & compassionate by comparison.

IVF advances
Researchers in Brussels find fertilised eggs, 5 days old, singly embedded in womb have increased chances of survival. Inserting individual embryos avoids potential risks of multiple births & subsequent development difficulites. This is great news, imho. I don't really know much about the subject - although that's never stopped me opining on any topic before, LOL - and was initially queasy (years ago) about test tube babies; the Frankensteinish elements in general & ethical 'playing-God' dilemnas in specific. But over time, I've come to believe that childbirth, however 'assisted', is indeed a bestowal from above - fertility doctors are doing the Lord's work. For aspiring parents, successful IVF treatment must truly seem a gift from God.

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