Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the rot continues

Oscar bombs
Early Nielsen ratings show a 10% decline in American viewers compared to last year's Academy Awards show. Falling figures parallel dwindling tallies of moviegoers as audiences shun agitprop thinly disguised as entertainment. Industry insiders attribute dismal numbers to this year's lack of Box Office successes, yet remain curiously blind to origin of Tinseltown's slow, continual demise - moviegoers reject sermonising of liberal values that run contrary to mainstream American family values. Perhaps the 2004 presidential election result hasn't registered with Hollywood's producers? With the Republican party ascendant & conservatives outnumbering their counterparts, only foolish entertainment bigwigs would dare alienate over half of potential ticket buyers by glorifying gays, serial-murdering prostitutes, abortion, euthanasia, wacko-environmentalism and islamic terrorism. Hollywood can serve up all the perverted dishes they like, but audiences don't have to swallow it.

Just one prick can burst your bubble
A record number of NZers contracted HIV last year, an increase of 17% on 2004 figures. The breakdown of 183 new cases: 89 gay men, 35 men, 38 women, 6 children (infected via mum) & 15 'unknown' cases. The sharp increase almost entirely due to 19% rise among gays; the other populations relatively stable, with a worrying 3/4 of all infected gay men living in Akld. The AIDS Foundation gets it half right:
"Prevention is still our best option. A properly used condom is close to 100% effective against the virus"
Yes, prevention is paramount, the most effective form being abstinence followed by monogamy - both unthinkably unfashionable in NZ's current climate of liberal promiscuity. While wearing condoms is strongly advisable, they are sometimes defective, break, or their efficacy hindered through improper use. If ever the libertarian creed, "freedom with responsibility" applies, it's within the realm of sexual health and behaviour. If in doubt, keep your pants zipped!

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Mrs Danvers said...

Aids is a disease of homosexuals and intravenous drug users. Notice how the aids foundation is trying to muddy the waters by ignoring the statistics and demanding that all pregnant women be screened for the HIV virus. Can you imagine the expense and the total waste of time that would be.