Sunday, March 05, 2006

sign of racial tension

There goes the neighbourhood
Silly rich dolt hoists Tino Rangatiratanga flag - emblem of Maori protest - in Akld's ritzyest suburb, hoping to foment racial harmony (yeah right). Used car salesman (says it all, doesn't it?) neither a Maori nor an activist seemingly taking perverse delight by upsetting local swanksters. I don't blame them, the guy's an idiot. If he wants to get closer to Maori, why doesn't he move to Otara? You're free to fly any flag you like, but the TRT flag - symbol of resistance against near everything Remuera embodies - is intentionally inflammatory (hello? it's a protest flag). Gratuitous provocation is unneighbourly, no matter where you live. Be a laugh if flag attracts mobs of disgruntled Ngati Whatua locals - real protesters - occupying his property to 'reclaim' ancestral land. Having them camped out on your front lawn is one way of 'bringing the races together', something he claims to want. Careful what you wish for.

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