Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Take care, Mates!

Poor buggers
Despite the Commonwealth Games, let's put parochialism aside & send our best wishes to those suffering in the aftermath of Cyclone Larry that's devastated parts of Nth Queensland.
Thankfully, no fatalities reported so far from their worst storm in 40 years, but locals aren't out of the woods yet:
"a 2nd cyclone, Wati, looming off the coast [was] last night.. about 800km northeast of Townsville & moving west at about 30km/h. It is expected to be in the Coral Sea by tomorrow"
Heartfelt prayers for the communities whose houses, industries & livelihoods were obliterated by the 295 km/h winds. Up to 100,000 folks are still without electricity, face water shortages & threats from crocodiles & poisonous snakes, not to mention untold millions of dollars in repair bills. Then there's the psychological toll of having home & hearth destroyed. If anyone knows where we can make online donations toward recovery aid, please email or post URL in comments box. Hang in there, Nth Qld'ers!

Links to more stories & photos at the Courier Mail.

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