Monday, March 20, 2006

harsh lessons

pedagogical perils
British research reveals sex differences among 15 year olds regarding preferred science lessons at school. Generally, boys enjoy abstract, impersonal subjects, while girls value topics related to health and the physical body.
At heart, this merely reconfirms what developmental psychologists & neurophysiologists have long postulated, teachers have observed for generations, and parents have known since time immemorial - that boys and girls ARE different. Only deaf dumb & blind educationalists, enslaved by impossible visions of a gender-free utopia, are surprised at this unwelcome intrusion of common sense. Not only astonished, but disappointed years of misguided efforts invested in engineering a brave new unisex world have come to nought.
the "persistence of gender differentials" in what pupils wanted to study could be described as "disappointing" in view of the millions ploughed into ensuring equity in access to the curriculum for both sexes
Ideology meets biology. It's always painful to find your most cherished ideals don't jibe with reality. It's scary to think these androgyny activists can & do have such massive influence on school curricula. Our kids are taught by miseducated teachers following a defective syllabus designed by naive nitwits. If you value your child's education, keep them away from school.

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