Sunday, March 12, 2006

this sucks!

Whither academic freedom?
NZ's biggest & pushiest university besieges first year students forced to PAY FOR & study unpopular, unwanted, irrelevant courses. Academic dictators demand newbie indoctrination victims take "General Education" papers, ie assorted leftwing twaddle (eg environment, Maori, Antarctic studies) ordinarily ignored by sensible cash-strapped students. Auckland Uni's deputy VC, with typically obnoxious liberal paternalism, lamely tries to absolve this fascistic intrusive decree:
"We felt students were narrowing the range of subjects that they studied & we wished them to take some.. courses that would broaden their horizons"
You'd think students, smart enough to attend uni, would be bright enough to choose own papers. But no, lefties know best. 'General Ed' is only ever appropriate in the Humanities, where young minds are ripe for the warping with leftist, commie, victim-centred nonsense. But for 'real world' degrees, required for careers outside academe: Law, Science, Computing, Business etc, GenEd is: at best, a hopeless waste of time, brainpower, effort, money & stress; at worst, evidence of creeping PC group-think infecting universities, the very domains you'd expect to most fiercely resist attempts at thought control & disenlightenment.

Big Sister is watching you
Government's ever-invasive eye zooms in on "bad families" with database compiled to share information between Police, Child Youth & Family, Parentline & Women's Refuge. Police Minister, Annette King wants to:
"bring all the info together to see how they can help the families.. not to punish.. It's to try to stop things happening before they have big problems"
Family Safety Teams comprising staff from each 4 bodies hope to 'identify at-risk families' as part of early intervention strategy. Blatant contraventions to Privacy Act aside (disclosing Govt held info about citizens), my problem is three-fold: (1) CY&F is a dysfunctional rudderless labyrinthine hash of epic proprtions. It's own decrepit information systems hopelessly inaccurate & outdated. Trustworthiness & credibility both zilch. (2) Parentline are unelected, unaccountable volunteers lacking any qualification entitling authorised access to private data about members of public. Damn nosey busy-body do-gooders! (3) Ditto the Women's Refuge, infested with bitter nasty frothy-mouth man-hating dogs, uninvited legislative lobbyists with angry agenda & axe to grind. Rabid feminist zealots make terrible family law scholars & policymakers.

Blind justice
Gut-churning Appeals Court cretins release unrepentant Serial Child Rapist, previously imprisoned for life by High Court. 30 young male victims, a history of recidivism upon release from jail, and self-proclaimed unabashed paedophile is given a "last chance" by reprobate judges, only to reoffend. These scandalous anserine justices are equally culpable for lastest victim's assault, imo, for gross neglect in failing to protect society from dangerous homosexual animals preying on innocent boys. The entire bench of perverts sorely needs impeachment. Repeat child molestors need a lead cure, administered at high velocity via prefontal cortex. It's for the children.

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