Sunday, March 12, 2006

ask me if I care...

it's the promiscuity, stupid
Auckland's AID crisis is purely biological in origin. Gays generally shag more than anyone else. They are men, therefore
they're (1) highly sexed (2) unashamedly seek brief non-commital encounters (3) are more vigorous, inclined to physical risks (4) don't fear burden of pregnancy - ergo they're rougher & sluttier; perfect hosts for a sexually transmitted virus. The AIDS Foundation has some estimates about NZ's Fag Capital:
  • Akld has 140,000 gay people & 45% of NZ's gay population
  • 3/4 of gay men who contracted HIV in NZ last year were infected in Akld
  • a 1/3 of people with HIV don't know they have virus
  • 1 in 20 gay men in Akld have HIV, compared with about 1 in 6 in Sydney
Your body is a temple, your sexuality the gift of procreative life. Neither were designed for orgiastic excess. Be celibate; & if you can't be celibate, be monogamous; & if you can't then use a condom; & if you can't then your ill-fortune's attributable to Darwin's Law of self-cleaning gene pools. Again, pure biology.

it's the propaganda, stupid
TV One's news ratings slump unabated, long may their woes continue! Preachey leftists, so out of touch, their promo featuring convicted terrorist, Achmed Zaoui, converted me to TV3 for life. Their pro-Labour bias never more evident than in recent Benson-Pervert case. When fresh allegations broke, they buried story mid-bulletin, could not find 'one single' Dndn Sth voter to badmouth Dirty Dave, and prattled off talking points straight from Helen's media advisor. What toadies! Unlike TV3, who gave it much fuller treatment in first news segment, quoted far wider variety of sources and concluded with Little Creep Live's damning interview. Thank the Lord for an independent news channel, free of the Evil Witch's spinners & meddlers.

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Mrs Danvers said...

Re: the Aids Crisis
The Aids Foundation says that the medication taken by HIV positive men causes nausea, severe diarrhoea and body wasting. Hang on - I thought those symptoms were caused by the VIRUS not the treatment for the virus. Surely it stands to reason then that the men would be much healthier if they stopped taking these drugs.
And while on this subject, does anyone know the name of the scientist/researcher who proved conclusively that the HIV virus causes aids.