Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good Lordi, Almighty!

Scandinavian scandal
Finally! A country with a flimsier sense of self-worth than puny ol' NZ. Finland has spawned a campy mock-Satanic heavy-metal band, Lordi, to represent their nation at the popular Eurovision Song Contest. And all hell's broken loose with accusations of devil worship & KGB plots amid protests and collective introspection bordering on patriotic disintegration. What a dag! Most mirthful are band members' quotes which (like kiwiland) reveal a deeply entrenched national inferiority complex:
"The affair.. has exposed the insecurity of a young country whose language is spoken by only 6 million people worldwide & whose sense of identity has been dented by being part of the Swedish kingdom & the Russian empire until gaining independence in 1917.
"In Finland, we have no Eiffel Tower, few real famous artists, it is freezing cold & we suffer from low self-esteem"
Egad! Someone give them emergency self-worth resuscitation! I shouldn't laugh at another's suffering, but the communal caterwauling was not only refreshingly candid but oddly reminiscent of the Land of the Long White Sheep. Finland: NZ's national soulmate. Have no idea from where (both) our pitiful sense of nationhood originates - must be something to do with living so close to the poles.

Hattip: Lucianne


christer sundqvist said...

Please, accept my apologies for this suffering. The distortion is complete here in Finland. The country that loved Arthur Lydiard is now filled with a bunch of idiots.

phil said...

Your apologies most graciously accepted. And also entirely unnecessary as Mr Lydiard's birth country is likewise filled with idiots.
I'm actually hoping they win the Eurovision!