Monday, April 17, 2006

the last thing we need

Kiwisex ed
The Education Review Office, six govt ministries & Te Puni Kokiri to assess the miserable failure of sex education at highschools. The same idiots doing the review are the very pointy heads who helped us get mired in the morass of escalating STDs and teen pregnancies in the first place. Lost in a bureaucratic fog & deluded by social constructionism, their sunny humanist psychology has lead to their most gravest error; the propagation of the myth of safe, carefree shagging. The truth is, casual sex is often perilous, our young women the most vulnerable. Leaving aside the well attested physical disfigurations brought on by untreated STDs (painful puss-filled sores, infertility, death etc, or the heartbreak of unwanted pregnancies and trauma of abortion) a brutally honest sex education would tell schoolgirls the unpalatable truths about men & casual sex.

1. It'll probably be over in a flash, before you're even properly aroused, he's likely to be spent. Get used to that feeling of unfulfilled frustration.
2. The suave debonair lad you initially fell for, with witty lines & smooth demeanour will look a lot less attractive up close in bed; sweaty, grunting, face contorted with lust.
3. Once he's finished, he's likely to roll over & fall promptly asleep, or get up & leave, or worse still, kick you out of his bed. So much for romance!
4. He doesn't love you or care for you or respect you. All the charm, swagger & tender promises to entice you were a mere ruse to shag you for his own gratification.
At best, expect to feel used, at worst expect to feel raped.
5. He'll likely boast about to his mates afterwards. You've become an object of ridicule, nothing more than cheap conquest in a tawdry juvenile drama. Feel better?

Ask yourself, ladies: would you like to be gang-banged by a rugby team? To be thoughtlessly, callously shared about like bottle of cheap whiskey? Of course not! But remember, if you have just one casual liaison per month, in a little over a year, you've effectively been (long-term) gang-banged by a squad of filthy, horny schmucks. Don't do it! Just say "no!" Wait until you're married or at least someone you trust intimately comes along. Wait until you are ready. There's no hurry, if he truly respects you, he'll wait. If he's not prepared to wait, he probably doesn't respect you anyway. And who'd want to sleep with some clown that'll treat you like trash, anyway?

Unintended consequences
Auckland barrister lambasts more govt sexual idiocy, calling the Prostituiton Reform Act a "disaster." Citing an upsurge in child hookers, unmanagably large numbers of prostitutes on Manukau streets, rising complaints from businesses about property & littering offences, the blame is squarely laid at the feet of one obnoxious, pommy pervert.

"The principle mover behind the bill.. was MP Tim Barnett, who said.. the philosophy behind the bill was 'harm reduction'.. There now seems to be a remarkable consensus – with the exception of the Prostitutes Collective, & some politicians.. that the result has been exactly the opposite of Mr Barnett's stated aim."

Harm reduction? The very same wooly-minded sexually utopian mindset that is blind to the seamier, cruder, more cruel aspects of lust. Only the most blinkered ideologue would be naive enough to believe that encouraging sexual behaviour would help eliminate the nastier, seedier elements that always suffuse & surround licentiousness. The Beehive blockheads with their dreamy drippy fantasies of happy liberated bonking are misguided fools responsible for so much of the ignorance shrouding sexual mayhem, violence and debasment. Welcome to the wonderful world of increased rape, disease, disenchantment and misery, compliments of our enlightened progressive MPs.

PS: Just out of interest; how the MPs voted for the Prostitution Reform Act.

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