Monday, April 03, 2006


More multicultural idiocy with news of foreigners fraudulently attempting to pass driving license tests using bribes, impersonators, ear pieces & unscrupulous translators. Police road manager says:
My understanding from the anecdotes we've heard is that quite a high proportion of the people who have been identified cheating are also those who are non-English speaking
Why the heck are we allowing non-English speakers to sit driving tests. How are they supposed to pass the written component if they can't READ the questions? Land Transport NZ rightly says it's too expensive & impractical to hire translators for all of the thousands of foreign languages spoken globally. Shouldn't a basic requirement be a rudimentary command of English? What good is it if overseas drivers don't understand English road signs or can't communicate if pulled over by a cop? Shouldn't we be encouraging foreigners to learn English? How else do we expect them to assimilate in to society? Otherwise we'll end up with balkanised ethnic ghettos of mutually uninteelible speakers that exacerbates racial tensions & misunderstandings.

Does it surpise anyone, apart from PC do-gooder lefties, that foreigners are not all morally unblemished? That along with the so-called multi-culti benefits -- different foods, music, festivals & entertainment -- they also bring their nasty habits, too. So we see an upsurge in crimes & all types of barbarism completely anathema to our kiwi lifestyle: dodgy business dealings, nepotism, bribery, dishonesty, arranged (forced) marriages, genital mutilation & jihad - all commonplace practices back in their 3rd world flea pits. Celebrate diversity? Bugger that! If you can't relinquish your turd world customs, go back to the primitive hell-hole dump from whence you came.

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t selwyn said...

Good stuff here.

The irony with "balkanisation" is that in Bosnia they all speak the same language.