Friday, March 31, 2006


Crying wolf
Finally! Assistant Police Commissioner & two former policemen are found Not Guilty of historic sex charges against the stupid attention-seeking LYING SLAG, Louise Nicholas. The best news I've heard all year. By no means do I think Rickards & co are angels. Group sex isn't my cuppa, and 3 grown men vs 1 young woman has horrible undertones of aggression & bullying (imo) regardless of consent. Also, I personally find adultery completely sickening. Anyone that mucks around on their spouse or sleeps with someone else's partner is a Major Despicable Sleaze - beneath contempt. I blogged earlier about my (unkind) feelings toward Lousie & why I mistrusted her, but can't be bothered trawling through my rubbish to find it, only to inflict it yet again on poor long-suffering readers. Still, a number of other things bothered me about the case.

* 20 years is a long time to wait before you suddenly 'realise' you were raped. With the exception of childhood assaults, I'm extremely wary of historical allegations.
* She twice previously claimed she was gang raped; once by cops, another by Maoris. Is this some sort of sick fetish she habitually fantasises about?
* Phil Kitchin (sp?), working for the DomPost, spent 18 months researching the story before it finally broke. An awful lot of time & effort invested in the story, no wonder he desperately wanted the allegations to be proved true. Being a twit, he gullibly swallowed her every word. Perhaps he majored in feminist victimology at journalism school. Maybe he never heard that at least 40% of rapes reported to police are entirely fictitious. Evidently, he's unaware that some women are prone to vicious manipulative lying & scheming. Ask any man ever involved in a brutal custody or paternity battle.
Some women are plain screwed up & nasty - it's a sad truth, I'm afraid.
* The msm were quick to pounce. For ages, the NZH online devoted a special section entitled "Police under investigation" with a link on their homepage. An avalanche of columns followed disclosing every gruesome fact & personal detail. Our media espouse very left-wing dogma, whether mutliculturalism, socialism, islamic appeasment, enironmental lunacy, gay rights or radical feminism. If Americans, capitalism, the military or Men can be blamed for any transgression, real or imagined, our pathetic fourth estate will harp on hysterically with no respite.
* Helen Clark, having replaced Commissioner Doone with the more compliant Robinson, demanded a top level investigation into the 'macho' police culture after reading the preliminary report in the Nicholas case. Apparently no such enquiry was deemed necessary into the 'racist' police culture after Stephen Wallace was the 19th Maori to be killed by the cops. I reckon she wanted Rickards gone because he'd never acquiesce to Labour's string-pulling a la the current honchos at Police National Headquarters.

All in all, it's reassuring that NZ's legal system hasn't completely eroded. And that some idiot twat can't
reimagine incidents from decades ago & ruin people's lives because of their unresolved deep-seated neuroses. Rape is indeed an abominable, horrendous crime. Yet to wrongfully accuse someone of rape is a most grievous imprecation. Louise Nicholas is a disgrace to women. She dishonours the valour of true rape victims who courageously dared to seek justice.

UPDATE: Another cop accused of raping the deranged slut speaks out.
The.. police team spent thousands of hours interviewing people who knew Nicholas & the three men, & vowed the inquiries would be thorough. But police never asked the man first accused by Nicholas for his version of events.. Supporters of the latest officers acquitted have also raised concerns about the police inquiry.. [they] were concerned detectives had not interviewed key people, & said the police inquiry had been selective with its evidence.
So much for the "complicit cops covering for one of their own" theory.

UPDATE 2: The court case could cost taxpayers up to $14 million. Then there's the considerable waste of time & resources:
By January last year, a team of up to 59 officers had spent more than 40,000 police hours on the case. At that time, police - travelling to interview more than 2000 people -had spent more than $1m on travel & accommodation costs alone
See how much damage one pathetic mendacious tart can do? Not to mention the emotional trauma the cops, their friends & families had to endure.


Angus Fisk said...

Wrong! Nicholas did not choose to make this complaint. Back in Feb 2004 she publicly asked for an investigation into the police handling of her camplaint. It was only when this led to the Govt calling a Commission of Inquiry that the police reversed their stance of the past 20 years and decided the day before the Commission began to investigate her complaint. this made the inquiry toothless, muzzled the media and defelected atention away from the fact that there were 20 years of cover ups still to be exposed. Nicholas was brave she knew that she didn't have a chance under the circumstances, but she tried.

phil said...

Nicholas did not choose to make this complaint

and in the very next sentence

she publicly asked for an investigation

Yeah, whatever...

Sorry, she's a dopey slut. Her flatmate admitted at the time (widely reported in the Herald) that Nicholas enjoyed the men's company - the atmosphere was convivial & she freely consented.

She's a dippy slag who obviously now regrets her youthful indiscretions and so she screams "rape!"

Anonymous said...

If you new the background facts about the two ex policeman and there current curcumstances you would believe Louise Nicholas was raped, as these two ex cops are serial pack rapists and the facts and jails prove this

Anonymous said...

Brad shipton use to own a bar in mount maunganui called Mount Mellick, there he spiked patrons drinks and raped them in the pub office on a regular basis.
He would then brag to the staff about it, I know because I worked there.
The mount community knows this and is pleased Shipton has been removed from this society.

Anonymous said...

phil you are a complete moron with no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Vile stuff Phil. I can only assume that no member of your family has ever been a victim of rape. Lucky you.

The shame associated with non-consuensual sex is deeply confusing for victims.

And 20 years ago, the idea of going to the poilice to complain about a bunch of cops abusing you? Unthinkable.

The best that can be said of the situation is that both the Accuser and the Defendants have been through a hellish trial, and that on the basis of the evidence (that was allowed to be) presented to the jury, the case was not proved.

In our legal system, that's the definition of innocence. But it doesn't make the accuser a liar. If she was, there would be perjury case to answer -- somehting of which there has been absolutely no discussion.

Angus said...

Wrong again, Phil! I wrote that Louise Nicholas MADE A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE POLICE COVER UP OF THE CASE..not a complaint of rape. A subtle difference.

Anonymous said...

This is a satirical blog right?

Steve said...

All you folks making accusations of the police officers need to back up a little and seriously reconsider what you're saying here.

Making accusations of pack rape, spiked drinks and so on is very serious and if you cannot back up your claims with fact, you are putting yourself in a position that could leave you open to libel/defamation charges. And if Google doesn't give the IPs to the police, then you leave the blog owner open to those same charges for hosting your comments.

Do not make any accusations you would not be willing to stand up in a court and swear to the truth of. This is serious stuff.

Anonymous said...

Phil, this is a great blog.
I can't stand these fucking feminists who insist that women can do no wrong.
By their reckoning, any woman making an accusation of rape should be believed and that should be the end of it.
This is absurd.
Whatever happened to burden of proof FFS?
Burden of proof is a vital aspect of the legal system. Yet it seems to go out the window when it comes to rape trials, according to these idiots handing out leaflets etc.
All those insisting that LN was telling the truth - were you in the fucking courtroom? The jury found the men NOT GUILTY. Respect their decision. Why do you think you know better???
All the suppressed "evidence" is not relevant this case one bit - it's just emotional garbage.
No wonder we need suppression orders when there are members of the public who are so influenced by emotion rather than facts - we don't need people like this sitting on juries!

Anonymous said...

Only a man can write such utter crap. When a woman is rape they beleive it to be their fault, and it takes years to overcome that guilt. If these men are so innocent why are two of them already serving timne for gang rape with other investigations pending? Just because a woman invites a man into her flat doesnt mean he has the right to violate her.