Friday, May 19, 2006

good news

Recommended Reading
Amir Taheri, a breath of fresh air, on The Real Iraq
. Excellent, must-read for us pro-Bushies & timely antidote for the regular chicken-little 'quagmire' squawkings about Iraq that befoul our news bulletins. Amir sees much to his liking: influxes of refugees returning; religious pilgrimages to holy Shiite shrines, a booming economy; proliferation of the freest, independent mass media in the Arab world, and swathes of success stories our msm would suppress. Iraqi democratisation continues apace, with or without Western worryworts, sniping from their newsrooms. Magnificent article! History, politics, culture - it's all there.
(Hattip: FLgator)

So, once again, we've said it before & we'll say it again:

God bless President George W. Bush for liberating Iraq!
God bless America!
God bless our British mates!
God bless Australia!
(the Diggers, that is, not Ozzy civilians - why would He wanna bless them??)
And God bless ALL the US-led coalition forces!


Anonymous said...

phil why dont you bugger off to australia then

phil said...

It won't matter, Anon. As long as I've got internet access, I'll still have my blog. Therefore I'll still be able to annoy you from anywhere on the globe.