Saturday, May 20, 2006


I repeat, DO NOT try to mess with this man!

John Howard rocks bigtime! He's Dubya without the charming Southern accent. He says Oz may develop nuclear power, possibly by 2020. Yeehaw! Good to hear. Labour & Greens (on both sides of Tazzy) to go ballistic. Oh, heck :-)
May develop? Will develop? Should develop? Who cares? It's all good! The SMH reckons academics at NSW universities are crappin' themselves; another good sign! And a SBS poll showed 47% in favour of nukes, 40% opposed. Well done, sensible majority!

From The Australian:

Australia & Canada should develop a united front on uranium mining & sales, John Howard said yesterday [from Ottawa] adding that the introduction of nuclear power in Australia was "inevitable"
Oz & Canada account for approx 60% of world's uranium reserves. Stuff paying ludicrously high oil prices, find a cheaper alternative. Interesting to see him talk up the environmental benefits, it almost seems satiric: "Clean Green Nukes." At least it seems that way here, in NZ, still stuck in the superstious '80s jabbering on about Mutually Assured Destruction & other silly paranoid imaginings.


Rob Good said...

Sydney already has a nuclear power plant. Canadian PM Stephen Harper seems to get on well with John Howard as does GWB.

phil said...

Does Sydney have a plant? Didn't know that. Cool! The nuke power issue shouldn't be too controversial (compared to NZ) if that's the case.

And yes, relations between the 3 conservative leaders do seem very cordial. Bless 'em.

fm said...

You're talking about Lucas Heights (near Holsworthy) and it's not actually a power plant although it is a nuclear reactor. It's not particularly large. It produces various isotopes used in medical radiology and stuff like that as well as general scientific research. It's very likely NZ medical patients use some of the products from the reactor. Perhaps even a few greenies who have been unfortunate enough to become ill.