Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good luck, Tim!

ludicrous litigation
Fellow blogger, TUMEKE, facing
overblown charges of Sedition for smashing a pane of glass. What an outrageous abuse of our judicial (sic) process. You break a window and they accuse you of overthrowing the government. The Libertarianz defend free speech, pointing out anachronistic absurdity of sedition laws:
"Sedition law makes it illegal to bring into 'hatred or contempt [...] the Government of New Zealand"
In that case, colour me seditious! My hatred & contempt for the NZ govt is boundless! And I hereby solemnly declare it for all the world to hear! Come and arrest me, scumbags!

Tim's real crime was to upset that ugly evil dyke PIG Helen Clark. That's why all the hullabaloo; her cronies in the police, legal & judicial circles merely discharging Helen's personal utu coz her feelings got hurt. So much court time, money & energy wasted on our PM's hysterical overreaction to a perceived slight on her mana. On ya, Tim! Anyone that gets under the skin of The Hag deserves lifetime rangatira status imo.

As one Maori to another, I can only suggest the time-honoured tradition. Turn up to court & say: "Not guilty. Not guilty. Not guilty." Fight them all the way! No retreat, no surrender. Good luck, e Hoa! You have my complete tautoko! And even if you're agnostic/atheist, we'll say a prayer for you anyway! Cheers, Bud!

"Ahakoa nga uauatanga, kia manawanui"
Despite the difficulties, be of stout heart!

PS - Regarding (any) pesky cops/ lawyers/ judges/ court workers who 'annoy' you or otherwise try to mess you over during the hearings: Complain, complain, complain! Formally. In writing. Multiple times. And that's before you even start phoning, faxing, emailing & visiting their bosses to further elaborate on your growing dissatisfaction.
Go get 'em! Take no prisoners. Remember: the law, the courts & the cops are your friend - but not when they're trying to prosecute you! In which case they're your adversaries, the rules of war apply. Ka mate, ka mate and all that. Give 'em Death!


steve martin said...

Yes, I too was shocked to read about Tim facing charges! It all seems very surreal.

t selwyn said...

Surreal is an understatement.

Thanks for the tautoko e hoa.

phil said...

Kia ora, e hoa. Just heard the verdict. What a bummer! Kia kaha for the sentencing. Let's hope the judge shows more common sense than the jury.