Thursday, June 08, 2006


“(Lt Col) Peter Kelly, Commanding Officer 1st NZSAS Group, receives the US Navy Presidential Unit Citation from President George. W. Bush.” (December 2004)

Military Honours

Congratulations! The Queen gives approval (thanks, Liz!) to our SAS unit who served with the Combined Joint Special Task Force, to wear the USNPUC ribbon on their uniforms.

The Citation was awarded for “extraordinary heroism and outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy in Afghanistan from 17 October 2001 to 30 March 2002”
Good work, Lads! You've done us all proud! Thanks also, Scoop website (lefties though you may be, but we still luv ya) for publishing good military news. Our lame, impotent, pacifist, sissified msm would never acknowledge, much less praise, the noble valorous service of our Defence Forces. God bless our Fighting men & women!

Attagirl Annie!
American bombshell, Ann Coulter (whom I suspect reads my blog & secretly fancies me), calls the Jersey Widows "witches" in her new book. I would've used the 'B' word, myself. Thank you, Ann! Those traitorous Bush-blaming, useful-idiot, professional victims need all the butt-kicking they can get. Disgusting how that cold-blooded quartet, aided by an eager media, exploited the 9/11 tragedy for personal glory & political gain - like dancing on the graves of the victims & spitting at the families.

Dorothy Rabinowitz's excellent take (dated 14/4/04) on the 9/11 democrat activists Widows shows the American public were tiring of them, even back then. Go back home & shut up, Jersey Witches! Honour the memories of those lost souls and their families with the dignified respect they deserve! And buy a clue! It's not your president (who's trying his darnedest to keep you safe) that needs vilifying, it's the islamic nutjobs trying to kill you & your families that should most concern you - y'know, like how they murdered your innocent husbands. Twits! Y'think they could put 2 and 2 together...


Lewis said...

So, in order for the US President to give our SAS troopers a fitting reward, we need approval from our absentee Head of state. Nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hey there phil! check out the NewsMax article I posted on my blog - Hillary had to come out and snivel alongside the widows and talk about how mean Ann is...and of course, opened herself WIDE open for a devastating retort. Not long after this article was published, the issue went AWAY!!

Sharon Ferguson