Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good on 'em! (I s'pose...)

Tim Cahill: Sensational Socceroo!

Be Nice to Ozzy Day
Today is "Let's Be Nice To Those (bast*rd) Australians Day." Don't worry, it only comes around every 350 years. On this day, we try not to smirk at their ridiculous accents nor laugh at their absence of any discernible culture or intelligent life. On this day we (struggle to) find something complimentary to say about 'em. Mission Impossible? Luckily the Lord has intervened in the form of Tim Cahill scoring 2 goals (in 6 minutes!) to help the Ockers beat Japan 3-1 in the Soccer World Cup, their first ever victory in the Tourney's history.

Should we congratulate them?
You go first!
No, you go!
No, you go!

Oh, who cares anyway? We're still gonna kick their butts in the rugby.


fm said...

You wanna be careful. If enough of you guys move over here to form a good rugby team, you're not gunna have anything left to gloat about. Self immolation will surely follow.

CB said...

Agreed. West Island has always had the better players.

phil said...

Hello, Boys! Are you two chaps off to paint your faces with white marks, and dance in loincloths around a campfire in the desert, imitating animal movements & poses, accompanied by droning music and rhythmic chanting?

I love the way you fellas party!

Oh well, I've gotta go now. Have fun at the tribal campfire dance ritual thingey!