Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Hate Baby-Killers!

Financing Feticide
Family Life International understandably upset our Govt gave more than $7.3 mil to overseas abortionists in 2005. So, there's not enough money for Plunketline and our ever expanding hospital waiting lists are culled, but if you want to murder defenceless innocent children in cold-blood, our deep-pocketed Govt will happily fork out the cash.

What I hate most about NZ's ardent abortionists is their macabre enthusiasm to butcher, not just their own progeny, but everyone else's, as well, including children overseas! This is the (slaughter) house that feminism built, blinded to its own blatant hypocrisies:
  • Nitwit peaceniks protesting over 'war', yet oblivious to the systemic genocide (abortion) they cheerfully encourage.
  • Idiots bleating about unfair power relations while happily snuffing out powerless babies.
  • Imbeciles bemoaning barriers to girls' & women's freedom, ignoring the fact that female fetuses they routinely exterminate are denied ALL human liberties.
Who can trust a word they say? Murderers (imo) forfeit the right to the moral high ground.

This is why I hate contemporary feminism. Psychotic feticidal white women at war with their own bodies, torturing themselves with diets, exercise regimes, plastic surgery, etc. Whatever? They're your bodies; you can abuse, resist and struggle against them until your neurotic hearts are content. But when it comes to killing babies, could you at least circumscribe your insatiable bloodlust to your own culture? As a maori, all I'm asking you murderous witches is this:
Keep your filthy white baby-killing paws off Maori babies!

Is that too much to ask? Call me a misogynist! Call me a racist! Call me whatever! If Pakeha culture wants to commit suicide, be my guest! Go ahead! Abort yourselves into extinction! I don't care - just leave Maori babies alone! Sicko baby-killers! And they've got the cheek to call Maoris "savages." Yeah, right! As if murdering your own children is something civilised to be proud of.


george said...

Good on you Phil.

Lindsay said...

I have responded and linked to this from my blog www.lindsaymitchell.blogspot.com

Scotty said...

Hey Phil...I was cheering for you until you said you don't care whether pakeha abort themselves into extinction.

Shouldn't we care for all unborn children regardless of whether they have pakeha or maori parents?

I too feel strongly about abortion. But I don't limit it to care for those of my own ethnicity.

Blue Tune said...

There is no forced abortion in New Zealand. It's a choice made by the woman concerned.

phil said...

Hi Scotty - you are, of course, correct. ALL babies are special and need protection.

When I say, "I don't care if Pakeha abort themselves into extinction" - I don't mean it in such a callous way. I mean it like this:

I believe there's a big difference between Pakeha & Maori attitudes to abortion. Pakeha are far more pro-choice, imo. Like most other Western populations, Pakeha NZ fertility rate is below replacement level. If nothing is done, it will eventually lead to extinction.

That saddens me, but what can I do about it? Not a lot, it seems, other than rant on my blog and elsewhere. Pakehas will tell me to mind my own business; their bodies & private reproductive habits concern them alone. And they have every right to tell me so. I feel like yelling, "What are you doing! You're killing yourselves! Start breeding for goodness sake!" But except for pro-lifers (a minority), NZ doesn't seems too fussed about abortion or future extinction. I feel completely helpless & frustrated about my inability to stop the slow, inexorable future death of Pakeha NZ. They just tell me to butt out of their own affairs.

So, in resignation, I feel I can only leave them to their own devices. If they want to abort their future generations, who am I (as a Maori) to stop them? Sad as it is, I can't do a damn thing about it!

In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have said: "I don't care if Pakeha abort themselves into extinction"
I should have said something like: "It's terribly sad that Pakeha are aborting themselves into extinction. But it's beyond my control, and if Pakeha don't WANT to save their future generations, and make no effort to save themselves, then what can I do?"

I can't 'save' Pakeha babies, their parents won't listen to me.

But I might be able to help save Maori babies. So I'll make that my priority.

Maori culture is far less individualistic. (Often) for better or worse, family 'commitments' (and guilt) can influence or override one's personal decisions. For Maori women, I can at least argue (on Maori terms) that a woman's child is more than just the parents' property. It is the grandchild of four other grandparents, and the sibling, nephew/niece, cousin, etc of countless others. When you kill a Maori child, you are killing one of a whole great big extended family, a relative of the many.

So, I am with all the pro-lifers, but my personal focus is on Maori babies, because I feel I can make a difference there.

I totally agree that we should "care for all unborn children regardless of whether they have pakeha or maori parents" - but as I say, I feel completely powerless to help the unborn of Pakeha parents if the parents themselves don't care about their unborn children.

Scotty said...

Hey thanks for that. I understand where you are coming from now. :)

Anonymous said...

mmmm at least people who abort do so and then never become child torturers or killers... get real get a life and lobby child killers who phyiscally murder the already born baby, that is after they have hung them on rotary lines, burnt them, smashed them against walls, get real people