Wednesday, June 28, 2006

King Midas LOST his touch

R.I.P. Ana Lucia, My Dearly Departed TV Wife, #2
See LOST tonight? I can't believe it. I feel numb.

That's TWICE my TV marriages have ended in such sudden catastrophe. And on the same show! On the very same series! I'd forgiven my one-and-only sweetheart, Ana Lucia, for killing Shannon, my previous
one-and-only. But two in a row like that? I'm cursed. Like a tragic reverse King Midas, everything that touches my heart turns to despair. And if you're unlucky enough to be a TV star, your character dies. So insufferably sad.

yours perpetually lovelorn,
Phil Midas

TAG: Gee, my life is crap


Jimmy Jangles said...

I feel your pain. It hurt. It hurt real deep.

phil said...

I'm shattered! I truly am!

Mind you, that Libby's starting to look quite fine...
...I think a walk up the aisle just might cheer me up...

3rd time lucky?

ps - Sawyer eh? Lucky bugger!