Wednesday, June 28, 2006

sickos in kiwiland

I Love Capital Punishment
Some people need killing. Eg, the savage sadistic scumbag who repeatedly videotaped himself raping a blindfolded 3 yr old girl. How
utterly unspeakably depraved is that!? How mindlessly abhorrent! Unthinkably sick!

Guilty on 51 sex violation charges, 24 rape charges, and 16 of making objectionable material: the perverted predator gets a measley 13.5 year jail term, eligble for parole after 7.5.

Coz it's NZ, he'll be awarded 'victim' status, and enjoy protective custody & be mollycoddled on lavish rehabilitative programs by bleeding hearts trying to cure him. Cure him? He's the problem! He can not be cured! He shows no remorse, nor acknowledges he's sick. He admits counselling is futile. There is no hope he can ever rejoin 'civil' society.

Nope, he'll probably get a Civil Liberties lawyer to sue if he's 'hurt' inside, and be released early to ease Govt's expensive prison overpopulation problem, be declared 'safe' and dumped into an unexpectant community, probably near a school or within close proximity of the victim (if previous parole board stuff ups are any guide).

The rabid mutt deserves putting down. His crimes are heinous,
premeditated, meticulously planned, and utterly devoid of any HUMAN compassion or feeling whatsoever! How can he ever atone for the lifelong emotional wreckage inflicted on his poor wretched innocent child victim? The only 'justice', in my view, is to cleanse this dreck from the gene-pool, so that his DNA can never contaminate future generations, and that the child survivor and her family may have comfort he will never reoffend.

TAG: Kill Paedophiles Dead!


sagenz said...

death is the only solution for shit like this. and it is eligible for parole after 7 years. FFS

Rob Good said...

The guy should be castrated, tattooed with his convictions on his head and then sent to maximum security prison till someone beats him to death, or he dies naturally.

Oswald Bastable said...

Bring back the Collosseum!