Thursday, June 08, 2006


Just in!
Blogger TUMEKE found guilty on one charge of publishing with seditious intent. What a Dick Head Jury and what a sad day for free speech in this country!

Kia kaha, e Tim! You know what to do: Appeal! Appeal! Appeal!

As for the brainless judge - Judicial Review! (If sentence is anything other than a bus ticket slap). Let's purge our judiciary of the dorks, activist vermin, and Helen's minions!

Earlier: Jury retires
The Crown argues that the pamphlets meet the sedition requirements of inciting lawlessness or disorder as readers are led to infer that they too should axe windows or something similar.

But the defence highlights a good faith provision which states dissent in a democracy is only seditious if it descends to violence or lawlessness.
What a load of crap the Crown is! Get friggin' real! Everyone knows it's a only freakin 'pamphlet' - they hand stuff out like that all the time in town, asking to "smash the state" and "destroy capitalism" and "overthrow this & that." FFS! Where is your sense of perspective? This is NZ! Protesting is the ONLY thing we do well in this country ('part from rugby). What a F-ing Buncha Dorks the jury must be!


Lewis said...

We make good cheese and wine. We also export good cheese and wine drinkers and eaters (Jonno the Hunt)

Anonymous said...

Don't attack the Jury. He was tried by his peers and convicted.