Monday, June 19, 2006


RIP, Chris & Cru Kahui
The infuriating & devastating story of 3-month old Maori twins, murdered by own family members. Poor darlings! I'm gutted & ashamed to share the same ethnicity as these child-killing MONSTERS. It's a sad indictment on contemporary Maori family dysfunctionalism.

It is incumbent on all Maori that we condemn these killings loudly & unreservedly!
It is incumbent on all NZers that we condemn these killings loudly & unreservedly!

Unbelievably: "police were not interviewing any suspects and no charges were pending." Or p
erhaps it's too early in the investigation. More unbelievably, the grandfather is seeking to have the twins' siblings returned from foster care. Shame on you! How dare you! Where were you when the twins needed your protection? How can you guarantee your grandchildren's safety? Through your negligence, you too, have blood on your hands!

"Ma te whakama e patu!"
Let shame be your punishment!

What can we do? Vasectomies & hysterectomies for the parents? (who aren't fit to live, much less procreate). Capital Punishment seems eminently suitable, imo. We can at least expose and embarrass the guilty family. Let's have photos and names published widely! Let their entire family, village & tribe feel the humiliation of public disgrace! Let the opprobrium burn & sear into their consciousness, that they may never let this happen again!

Attention all Maoris! We have a huge problem! It is OUR problem! We have no one to blame but ourselves!

Maori men! Where is your mana? You must stand & speak out against the killers amongst us! Brothers, cousins, uncles, granddads! Do not turn a blind eye and let domestic violence go unchallenged! You must intervene!
Maori women! Why do you choose to breed with animals? Why leave your babies at the mercy of beasts? If he beats you or your kids - YOU MUST LEAVE! At once! Get out! Run! To your neighbours, friends, whanau, cops, women's refuge... anywhere, but you Absolutely Must Go!
Maori grandparents! Are you keeping watch over your little ones? Are you babysitting when parents get stressed? Do you speak up when your grandkids are abused?
Do you confront mum & dad when bruises appear? Ring the cops! Ring CYF! Don't allow your offspring to suffer because of your cowardice, ignorance & apathy!

And Pakehas! You must also censure such abuse Out Loud! Do not let the PC-fear of being called 'racist' inhibit you from your civic duty and obligation as a human being to decry all such heinous crimes. Do not let children die in silence. Denounce these killings with scornful rage & righteous fury! These poor dead children deserve at least your anger. Let them not have died in vain!

Pray for our kids! All our kiwi kids! Then hug yours and kiss them and tell them you love them.

May God bless & rest the souls of these innocents!

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Anonymous said...

Well done for speaking out about this heinous crime. What a disgrace upon a family that they seem to have got their heads together to stonewall a murder investigation. That tells you a lot about this whanau. If they condone child abuse then murder is only a step further on to being condoned too. Shame on Pita Sharples saying that it was a "cultural" approach by the family to not co-operate with Police. Where is his mana? They have been talking in Parliament about microchipping dogs maybe they should consider extending it to micropchipping 'mongrel' families like this one too. - "Maori Blues"