Sunday, June 18, 2006

when journalists go good

Saving Australia
Three reasons to like The Australian online: (1) Janet Albrechtsen, (2) the lively, informative Arts section, and (3) their persistent hammering of educationalist nutjobs intent on wrecking their school curricula and force-feeding young minds multi-culti mush & humanist hogwash. Unlike NZ's anaemic media eunuchs (who are more interested in chasing 20 year old fictitious rape claims, like that messed-up psycho, Louise "triple-bacon burger, cop-sucker" Nicholas), Oz journalists expound on timely, relevant matters of national import.

In the latest of a long, noble line of scathing editorials,
Chris Pearson gives a sound walloping to moral relativism, tolerance, diversity & other holy writs of the progressive mullet-heads who've hijacked the school system to implement their own pernicious agenda. Likewise, Kevin Donnelly, gives 'em both barrels, shooting down the flawed, ill-conceived 'outcome-based' assessment philosophy currently poisoning Ozzy schools.

On ya, Lads! Way to go, The Australian! Thanks for keeping your public informed! That's why Ozzy parents, concerned about their children and the nation's future, are starting to wrest control of education away from the hideous deformers of minds they call 'teachers'.

Meanwhile, in sleepy socialist NZ, heads buried in sand, we remain unaware or indifferent to the enormous damage being inflicted every single school day. What are you doing about it, Kiwi parent? Do you want your kid growing up believing Western culture - in all its majesty and technological triumph - is just a vast racist, imperialist, capitalist plot to exploit women & minorities? If not, be prepared to fight, tooth & nail, the relentless educrats hellbent on brainwashing our youth with Guilty White Liberalism and other imaginary nonsense.

If your children become screwed-up, guilt-ridden socialist wimps - victims of our school system - you are at least partially to blame because YOU were too useless, lazy, or inept to do anything about it!

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