Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Have decided to use TAGS from now on. I don't actually know how to make proper Tags (i.e. ones with links) but will add blue thingeys to categorise posts. I will use the following:

TAG: Silly
TAG: Serious
TAG: Angry
TAG: Ponderous
TAG: Sport
TAG: Science
TAG: Blog stuff
TAG: Personal

and any others I can think of as they crop up. Oh, and

TAG: Hideous Beast

for posts that mention Helen Clark.


fm said...

I use tags with my blogger setup over at my blog phil. I "tag" the individual post using a little del.ici.ous tool that floats around on my browser toolbar. Only takes a minute when I can be bothered. If you go and have a look at the "category" section in my sidebar you'll see how it works. Otherwise del.ici.ous have their own little help section that explains it all fairly well. They've got some HTML that you can use to make a "tag cloud" for your sidebar if you're so interested. It would be amusing to see which of your tags become the most prominent!!

phil said...

Cheers, Buddy!