Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Kia ora, Cowboys!
American property developers, Legacy Partners, to build Kiora Park in Plano, Texas. The 15.26 acre community dwelling will feature 250 luxury apartments and incorporate Maori & NZ architectural themes.

The perennially aggrieved Ken Mair, unsurprisingly, has his piupiu in a twist, griping about cultural & intellectual property theft. Tariana Turia too, quick to leap on the poor-me bandwagon. Harrumph! There's just no pleasing some people!

Call me a 'shameless culture whore
' but I'm tickled whenever foreigners (a) notice, (b) enjoy, and (c) copy or appropriate anything Kiwi or Maori. Whether it's the Spice Girls & the haka, Robbie Williams and his tattoo, or Lego with their Toa & Taniwha characters - Imitation is, as they say, the sincerest form of flattery. Well I'm flattered, anyway. And I'm with Alan Duff when he says:
"What's offensive to Maori is those (Kahui) twins getting killed and the family not talking to police. That reflects badly on Maori and that's what we should worry about.

"Greece is not up in arms because Las Vegas did Ancient Greece themes in their casinos. Why are we so precious about things that don't count?"

Agreed! We have far more grave, meaty issues to concern ourselves with. Besides, an awful lot of Lone Star State residents pack heat - careful how you argue with them! And remember that old adage: Don't mess with Texas!

Legacy Partners website.

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