Monday, June 12, 2006


No News (is good news?)
Today, absolutely nothing newsworthy happened in NZ. Auckland had a power cut, but since nobody else cares, it doesn't count as news. And Canterbury became a frigid, inhospitable, desert wasteland due to an ice storm. Yeah, yeah! Blame it on the ice storm! What losers, both regions! We had a black out here in Wgtn last night, but did we cry about it & expect it to make the news? No, because we're grown ups, not preening show-boating Jafas who think it's all about them. And sometimes we experience unpleasant weather too, here in the capital, but does havoc reign & chaos ensue? No. We somehow manage to behave as civilised beings when adversity strikes and soldier on anonymously, avoiding the needless public self-pitying in full media glare. All I'm saying is "have some dignity" for goodness sake!

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Ruth said...

Has there really been anything newsworthy in NZ for the last 10 years? That's why all our blogs are full of rubbish phil;-)