Monday, June 12, 2006


taunting teachers & terrible tantrums
Hoorah for Rate My Teachers just been launched in NooZild. The PPTA are against it, so it must be a good thing! Leftist nutcase Teachers - and I'm afraid, that's all they are after being wrung through the Ministry & Colleges of Ed's 'progressive' meat-grinder - are upset pupils might expose their flaws & inadequacies in cyberspace. Well, boo-freakin-hoo, Commiewackjobs!

1. We live in the information age. They can diss you by text or email or chatrooms or blogs. What's the big deal about another website?
2. You're always whining about wanting feedback and input. Well here it is, from the horses' mouths!

I no longer have any sympathy for what was once a noble profession. Today's teachers force-feed kids socialism, fag & feminazi social engineering, while secretly aborting students' babies en masse without parental consent. They embody everything I hate about the left: godless, socialist, baby-killers. I heartily endorse anything that challenges the sexually perverted, commie, baby-murderers entrusted with "educating" (scary, innit?) every generation of our youth.

If they had a teacher-rating website in the day, maybe we could have spared the country David Benson-Pope's pathetic paedophilic pecadilloes. Let's out all the perverts and the bullies and those who enable the silent slaughter of even our very own grand-children.

Thin skinned teachers will just have to suck it up. If your students hate you, there's probably a reason. Maybe you're boring as heck. Maybe it's becoz you're an Anorexic Baby-killing Commie. Or maybe you just suck - hey, not everyone's blessed with a winning personality. But whatever it is, we live in a high-tech era of mass-communications. You'll never completely suppress gossip or opinions at odds with your own. Get used to it!


phil said...

PS - spent 2 years at Waikato School of Ed, flatted with teacher trainees my entire varsity life. Have shiploads of friends/whanau teachers.

Imo, Teaching in NZ is completely INFESTED with hardcore Leftists. The so-called 'theorists' who come up with wacky ideas in Education, are hazardous to your children's health.

My advice: Private schools, Catholic schools, or homeschooling. Even kura kaupapa - anything to avoid the mutilators of minds, they call "teahers" in public schools.

phil said...

I should say, "I SURVIVED 2 years (of reading Marx & other complete rubbish) at Waikato School of Ed..."