Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sympathy for Selwyn
NZ blogger, TUMEKE!,
jailed for 2 months for sedition plus another 15 for dishonesty offences, some of which co-blogger, Bomber, claim are 10 years old. I have deepest aroha for him; my most sincere condolences.

What a shame they were so zealous they went to all the trouble of dragging up (15 months worth of) historic charges. Vexatious litigators? You just know that Helen Clark's ugly porcine hoof-prints are all over the prosecution's unusual enthusiasm to punish Tim.

Let's hope he:
  • appeals, both convictions and sentences (assuming he has grounds - plus money & inclination - for an appeal)
  • is eligible for home detention, or failing that...
  • gets early parole, or at the very least...
  • gets internet time inside
I like Tim and will miss his blog. I enjoy his brash unsentimentality, acid tongue, fiery energy and breadth of interests. He's Forrest Gump's proverbial blog - you never know what you'll get. Hang in there, e Hoa! Kia kaha!

Update: He's not eligible for home detention, m'fraid.
Update 2: Tim's lawyer plans to appeal both convictions and sentences.

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