Tuesday, July 18, 2006

ravishing rug

And now for something completely beautiful...
An elderly Afghan man, grateful for the US ousting the Taliban, spent over a year painstakingly crafting a hand-made rug in honour of President Bush. The results are breath-taking! Most noteworthy, not only did the man risk death (had his exploits been discovered by islamic hardliners), but also the wealth of 'infidel' religious imagery & icons depicted within. US Army Lt. Col. Gile, who took the rug back to the States, says:
"for an extraordinarily devout Muslim to have taken very strong Christian & Catholic symbology & incorporate them into the rug is amazing.
"..it was really a gift to the people of the US from the people of Afghanistan for assisting in the stabilization of the region. It was a labor of love & is a gift from the heart."
An outstanding gesture from a remarkable man to an exemplary president. Very nice indeed.
NB: Article has a small(ish) pic of the rug - well worth a wee click-see.
[Hattip: FLgator]

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