Tuesday, July 18, 2006

drowning in swill

bare nonsense
More PC exposed with a ban on
child nudity at swimming pools; parents may no longer dress their youngsters poolside. According to management, the harsh, draconian policy arose out of swimmers offended by nudity
and as a precaution against paedophiles taking photos. Crikey! Why are we appeasing sexually hung-up neurotics? Have we regressed to the Victorian era? It's those fearful puritans, seemingly unable to avert their eyes, who should avoid public swimming and its wanton displays of scandalous skin. And shame on sickos who automatically associate naked toddlers with child molestation! Judith Collins is right on the money:
"[They] are saying to this poor young mother that she should feel she is doing something dreadful in changing her daughter. They need to get a life. How do they think babies are born? Do they think they come all dressed? Maybe they think there are paedophiles lurking around delivery rooms.. Do they allow people to see each other undressed in the changing-rooms?"
Wouldn't it make more sense to ban cameras & mobiles? Should we insist all swimmers wear shoes lest some foot-fetishist snaps shots of naked feet? Or other perverts take pics of women in wet, clinging bikinis? Have we lost our collective marbles, or merely exchanged our quaint 'religious terror' of bodily sin with modern 'secular loathing' of fleshly temptations?

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