Friday, July 14, 2006

an eyeful

patrolling profligacy
The Nats launch WasteWatch website to highlight Labour's spendthrift caretaking of YOUR tax dollars. Good idea.
Perhaps site could later incorporate a "PC Watch" section to document the spread of social engineering silliness, civil rights abuses and the gradual erosion of common sense in once level-headed Kiwiland. Maybe also add a "Scandal Watch": a roll of Gubbamint ministers, appointees and public service lackees who've have been reckless failures or fallen short of ethical (and legal) standards during Helen's dark reign as sadistic Empress.

The website can add the $2.3 million wasted on 32 'Active School Facilitators' hired to tell us that exercise is good for people. Well golly gee! That's news to me. Where would we be without Facilitators?


Lewis said...

The site doesn't seem that well designed, IMHO.

phil said...

There was a thread over at DPF's (I'm too lazy to look for it) where someone mentioned it wasn't good (for the Nats) to have Don Brash's face so prominent on the cover. I agree. That was my first impression looking at the site - that there was a some connection between all the corrupt wasteful sleaze (bad) & Don.

This immediate "visual association" was quite strong (personally). I'm surprised the website's designers never picked up on it.