Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday night, post-LOST

Must be quick, we play the Ozzies in basketball at 11:15. Hate to sound unpatriotic, but I fear the Boomers are so gonna kick our butts. Hardly the kiwi sporting attitude, I know. Just that awful feeling whenever we play them at non-rugby sports [Hopin' I'm wrong!]

Update: 81 - 79. Friggin Ozzys. Don't their team resemble a bunch of mutant Lurch-type Neanderthals? Not being mean, but they've a real caveman Frankenstein look about 'em. "Russian weightlifters on steroids" sorta thing - very Easter Island. Like freaky giant Siberian lab experiment escapees. Notice there were no blonds? Odd for an Oz team to be flaxen-less... Maybe a side effect from the secret lab experiments..?

Anyhow.. Didn't see LOST last week, in Roto-vegas doing touristy things. Didn't realise Libby died too! Hea-vy! Far too heavy. Cruel, in fact. Grand finale next week - Oh me oh my! Imho, on one level, the show's symptomatic of liberal Hollywood's conflicted ambivalence about masculinity, in particular fatherhood. Far as we know, every major character has bigtime unresolved daddy-issues.

* Claire's old man abandoned her. Likewise her baby's father.
* Sun's father's a corrupt business tycoon who has govt ministers assassinated.
* Kate blew up her abusive step-dad.
* (Infertile?) Jin's still so shamed by his humble villager pop, he hasn't told his pregnant wife.
* Jack's permanently screwed up by childhood under autocratic overbearing old man.
* Locke's slimey thieving papa cheated him out of a kidney.
* Sawyer's dad shot his mum then himself.
* Series ends with obsessed daddy Michael, murdering and betraying crew in hope of rescuing kidnapped son, Walt (also abandoned by step-dad). Still an awful lot of 'baggage' strewn about there in the wreckage.

Just to be sure...
Commie-Pinko Alert??? Was that Hanoi-Jane Fonda on that new 7:00 TV2 comedy?
If so, you can forget about me watching that channel again. Disgraceful. Especially while her countrymen are at war. Still hate the treasonous ho' - an ugly lizard that never changes its spots.


fm said...

Listen bro, when I see more than one or two token honkies in the All Black side, then you'll be able to criticise us for our IVF basketball program. We both know you've got to do what you've got to do to get ahead in Sport these days. I take it you have no complaints about our beach volleyball program?

phil said...

Mmmm, now that you mention it, I MUCH prefer beach volleyball to basket ball. And while I could never (for obvious reasons) support the Oz team, I'm more than happy to be an 'avid viewer'... so to speak. I LOVE "spectator" sports! ;-)