Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday morning

PUKE: I've read my last Deborah Coddington column. Her anti-smack effort in the Herald this morning the worst in a hideously bad line of miserably execrable articles. Won't even bother linking. Ms Coddington, the former right-wing (sic) MP shows she's just another pushy nanny after all. Is this the LeftHerald's idea of 'balanced reporting'? Hire a conservative (wink, wink) columnist to weekly trash the Nats/ promulgate loony Labour ideals?

GEEK: Using Firefox 2.0b1 beta browser. Good: auto spellcheck in blogger; red-x things to close tabs; faster downloads (??) achieving 'miraculous' speeds of up to 8.5 kb/s (dial-up). Bad: No 'email' icon on the "view > toolbars > customize" thingey. Can't add mail to navigator bar.

BLOG: Counter hit 10K this week. Like everything else on this blog, it's complete rubbish. Most of those hits are mine. Why? The friggin blogger preview doesn't work, definitely not wysiwyg. So each typo corrected means one more 'publish post', one more 'view blog', one more 'hit'. Some (particularly fussy) days, editing the drafts can earn up to 30 or 40 hits per post. Yes.. well.. hmm..

WISDOM: Must study philosophy. Spent over 15 years pondering stuff (as ya do) and had incredible realisation: civilisations have an organic growth; they are born, grow, die, are reborn etc. Immensely proud of 'my discovery' until I learned that "Neechee" guy had already reckoned that, as well as other old Greek dudes. If I had've known philosophy 101, I could've saved all that time. Don't wanna waste another 15 years 'discovering' something they already found out ages ago...

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