Monday, July 31, 2006

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Stupefying students
Govt announces new draft school curriculum comprising eight 'learning areas' and five 'key competencies.' Briefly: It's more streamlined than its unwieldy predecessor (teacher friendly), but imo there's still huge question marks over the necessity of learning (foreign) languages, and the content of the arts, social sciences & health components. I'll have a longer detailed moan after I've fully read the document. Major alarm bells over requirement that "schools & teachers express the values that are important to community & democratic society through their everyday actions and teaching in all areas."
These values include
'community', 'diversity', & 'caring for the environment.' In other words, socialist nostrums, multi-culti homilies and greenie gobbledeegook.

Air Force Acquisitions
The RNZAF to get 8 new NH90 helicopters to replace our antiquated Iroquois and become the "cornerstone of our defence capabilities." Due to arrive from 2010, each NH90:
  • can carry 19 people rather than the Iroquois' eight, or 12 fully equipped troops rather than 5.
  • has a cruising speed of 260km/h, about 1/3 faster than the Iroquois, and can fly 800km rather than just 180km.
  • has a total lift capacity of 4 tonnes - almost 5x that of an Iroquois.
TV One news clip was pretty cool - never knew choppers could do twirls, spins, somersaults & all those other tricky gymnastics. Ozzies also to buy 46 new NH90s, but our ones will go slightly faster since kiwi pilots won't have big fat Fosters beer-bellies that'll weigh the plane down & make it go slower. I'm not being mean here, and in no way disresepctful to the ADF, but it's pure physics - heavier things don't travel as fast.
(I'm sure my friend - who's very knowledgeable on these matters - would agree 100%)

Monday mauling
See the netball? What a thrashing! NZ 94 - Sth Africa 25. Happy 50th Birthday, anyway, coach Ruth Aitken!


fm said...

Not true! Heavier things take longer to accelerate (and decelerate) but do go just as fast in the end! Maybe they teach physics differently down there in the frozen south. I hear every student wins a prize in your system :-)

PS. I heard you ordered nine helos BTW.

phil said...


My one great scientific discovery, and you have to go and ruin it ;-)