Wednesday, August 30, 2006


gratitude-laced invective: in brief
Oh, shut up, Hone Harawira! Complaining the cops' new Tasers might kill a few scumbag crooks. So what's the down side? Go, the cops! Thanks, Annette King*, for staying staunch on this issue.

Go away, Tom Cruise! The freak has-been lilliputian cultist's pop-stocks have dropped 40% since his weird scientologist sister became his PR agent. Go, her!

Sleazy dishonest Labour MP (as if there's any other kind), Taito Phillip Field, releases press statement explaining his bribery, fraud, graft, forgery & theft were all just a Big Misunderstanding. Silly us! Glad that's cleared up. Thanks, our msm, for this long, delectable daily public flogging.

* Do not adjust your monitors, praise indeed for a (Labour) police minister who 'gets it' about violent dangerous criminals. You'd think Hone, with his violent dangerous criminal family & background, would 'get it' too - especially being from The Maori Party and everything. [I'm not saying that Maoris commit more crime than anyone else.......

.......well actually, yes I am!]

Hone! What a phoney! Pffft!

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