Friday, September 01, 2006

I don't like her

Is Helen Cluck's goose cooking?
Murray McCully in
scintillating form excoriating NZ's 2nd prettiest woman Prime Minister about those scandals that just keep on giving: the Taito Field, Pledge Card, and rugby hooning outrages. Karma unfolds for her past foul deeds. A lucid, detailed must-read & must-save for us hardcore Helen-haters. Rather well written too (perhaps Muzza's girlfriend helped pen this?)

TVNZ also - breaking from traditional role as our Prime Minister's media maidservant - reports:
1. More slimy goings-on involving Taito and 'mismanagement' of large sums of cash at his electorate office. Well whaddaya know, a corrupt Labour politician? [Barely a flicker on the surprise-o-meter]
2. The Hag insists her illegal election overspending is legitimate; 81% of kiwis don't believe her.
3. The Nats demand The Witch apologise to poor cops done for speeding at her insistence during infamous 2004 Sth Island airport romp.

Weekend Bonus: A Fathers Rights group to protest outside the Vile Wench's sty, tomorrow arvo. On ya, Lads!
Don't forget your garlic, wooden stakes, crucifixes and Holy Water (just to be safe!)

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