Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Come again?

How do you say "Oops!" in Maori?
A Maori Party
press release clarifies Hone Harawira's alarming July 26 statement denouncing "murder by the Jews":

My comments were made during general statements condemning Israel’s attacks on Lebanon which had killed four UN peacekeepers. I spoke in Maori, and in doing so I forgot the proper translation for Israel “Iharaira” and used the term “Hurae”, or Jews, when condemning the Israeli attacks. I accept that I used the improper term, and I apologise sincerely to all those people who have been hurt by my comments. It was not my intention to attack Jews, and I regret using the term.

I also accept that unnecessary deaths have occurred on both sides in this long-running conflict and that my speech should have also reflected that reality as well.

That's (a bit) better. Hone's earlier statement read: "The Maori Party endorses the Prime Minister’s statement, that acts of murder by the Jews be stopped." Bet he got tons of flak from Maori Christendom for his 'mishap' in translation, especially the Ringatu Church whose 'Old Testament' God is Te kaitiaki o Iharaira, "He who watches over Israel" (Ps 121:4). Very bad form, Hone, should know better than to mix politics & religion.

How do you say "Shoot me!" in Maori?
Tired of chewing on broken glass? Bored with poking your tongue in light sockets? Seeking new ways to torture yourself? Look no further with Annette Sykes writing for the newly launched KaupapaMaori.com. Her first blog post - a meandering nightmarish Zen-riddle invoking both Tim Selwyn and prophet Rua Kenana - asks: "Are Christians Advocating Sedition?" As enlightening as a cardboard box and appealing as gangrene. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I find Mr Harawira's explanation entirely acceptable. However I would like to hear him condemn Hezbollah's actions in using the UN post as a shelter from behind and beside which to fire on Israelis, secure in the knowledge that Israel would not fire back. What's 'Oh fuck' in Arabic?

Ruth said...

Hone H is another crazy bastard.

Titiwhai H (sp- don't know how to spell her name) is a friend of my father's. The family is as mad as snakes- they could only get to their illustrious position via democracy ;-)

phil said...

HH is, indeed, nuttier than a peanut slab. Although infinitely preferable as a PM than would be Annette Sykes - she's loopier than Sylvia Plath.

phil said...

I meant: preferable as an 'MP' not 'PM' - (goodness me, what a horrible thought!)