Friday, August 25, 2006


Dream Date
Never had much luck internet-dating before, but finally I struck gold! I found her! The Girl Of My Dreams!

[breathless ecstatic sigh!!]

What a catch! I'm so in love! We're perfect together! She's 'all that' and more! By far superior to the vast majority of women out there (and she'd be the first to tell you).
Guys: be jealous of me! Gals: you now have a role model to emulate.
But don't just take my word for it: let her tell you how wonderful she is, herself.

And thanks, Ruth, for introducing me to my new Very High Quality girlfriend.

UPDATE: We're engaged! [squeal!!] It's all happening so fast!
[delirious sigh!!]


Ruth said...

I'm so disappointed Phil- I thought your dream date would be me ;-)

But really, the woman should have a good think about why she is so repugnant to the opposite sex in spite of her alleged attractiveness that she has to put up personal ads.

Ross (the Right Wing One) said...



So, there's hope yet? Ka mate e hoa!

phil said...

This guy's response is FUNNY!!.

She's a perfect example of a narcissist. A deluded inflated egoist riddled with self-doubt & insecurity.

Rob Good said...

Oh well the wonders of modern technology.