Saturday, August 26, 2006

weekend nastiness

Kiwis reject left-wing media pablum
Joyous news about the terminal decline of NZ's newspaper circulation figures:

* The Weak-end Herald DOWN 7,000
* Sunday Star Times DOWN 54,000 - Yowser! I H-A-T-E (in 72 bold flashing font) editor Cate Brett. Look up "Stupid Liberal Twat" in any dictionary and there she is! Well actually, no - that's Tim Murphy from NZHerald. But just below him is a picture of The Listener's Pamela Sterling, and underneath her is Cate.

Cate 'suggested' readers vote Labour on eve of last election
Cate compared Don Brash to Pauline Hanson
Cate urges readers to submit bad-cop stories to foment anti-police sentiment among the public
Cate thinks imaginary spies are spooking The Maori Party
Cate LOVES terrorist Achmed Zaoui
Cate hates Amerikkka
Cate hasn't yet figured her ex-readers resent forking out cash to fund preachy urban liberal tripe

Oh, how the mighty are falling! Time to start rearranging those Titanic deck-chairs, Captain Cate!
Look out for that iceberg...!!
Whoops...!! Too late...!!

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