Sunday, August 20, 2006

mindless misanthropy

What is the purpose of blogging?
It's to annoy people. To deliberately upset them, insult them and pick meaningless fights just for the helluvit, isn't it? Isn't it?
Oh well, let it be something towards which we can all strive.

Personally, I've finally succumb to all the progressive activists here in Wgtn. Having converted, I now wish to challenge norms, deconstruct paradigms, and radically reorder society to eliminate injustice and oppression.

I don't have any money, so I'm hopeless for donations to political parties and causes.
Don't know any movers & shakers, so my influence is nil.
And I've got no bright ideas for policy or action or organisation or anything else.
What can I do to help?

Why - I can abuse the crap out my adversaries. Sure, some bloggers invite dialogue, encourage discussion and exchanging ideas. But why waste time when it's so much easier to just call people names? Philosophers reckon ad hominems don't constitute proper arguments, but philosophers are all jerks, so who cares?
Your adversaries are your enemies, aren't they? You disagree with them, don't you? Their beliefs are at odds with your own, are they not? Then let the mudslinging commence!

Abstinence prevents AIDS
Canuck columnist questions undue prominence given to the most politicized and avoidable disease of our time, AIDS. While hapless victims of other degenerative disorders, such as
Alzheimer's & Motor Neurone Disease, languish in underfunded obscurity:
... when it comes to AIDS, it seems politicians & public figures cannot do enough... Movie stars, rock singers, authors & activists demand that we pump billions of dollars into their cause. The irony is that AIDS is one of the few diseases where personal behavior rather than medical research could save millions of lives.
With earth-shuddering common sense, he suggests the unsayable: Stop fornicating! Alas, here in the West with our confused priorities and discarded sense of self-responsibility, we need the Govt, authorities, celebrities, specialists (and large infusions of other people's cash) to help save us from our sexual habits. No such luck and attention for other neurological patients, whose conditions aren't self-inflicted.

Darwin Dame
Move over Rachel Corrie, you're not our millenium's first patron saint of peace activism. In 2002, a San Francisco woman riding atop double decker bus en route to protest imminent invasion of Iraq, encountered low-level tunnel ceiling. Mmm... didn't see that coming (and neither did she). In recent subsequent lawsuit, wise judge rules the city isn't responsible for protecting idiots from themselves. No payola for family.

And to think, after all her hard work and sacrifice, they still went to war anyway! Shucks.

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