Sunday, August 20, 2006

Spiritualism in Cyberspace

Higher purpose
As from today, my blog will become a site of miracle cures, kinda like a Cyber-Lourdes.

So, if you suddenly leap up out of your wheelchair, or your sight/ hearing/ speech miraculously returns, or your lifelong painful afflictions inexplicably disappear whilst visiting this web-page, no need to thank me. I'm just a humble servant doing the Lord's work.

Other services provided include:

Horoscope forecast
* Fun times ahead for all Taurus folk
* Virgo: good luck with the new diet
* Capricorns should avoid drunken, aggro Maoris swinging machetes while shopping

Lucky numbers for this week: 2, 4, 7
Lucky colours: lilac, puce

Message from 'the other side'
Do you believe in communicating with spirits? If not, then this demonstration oughta leave you gasping incredulously.
Hang on a minute, I'm just going into a trance, whereby a mysterious unearthly being will occupy my body and type a message, all the while I'm unconscious (kinda like 'automatic writing' web-style). Here's the message:
Is there anyone out there with an "A" in their name? Or a vowel? Yes, this message is specifically for you. The message is: "Don't worry, it'll all be OK"
[message ends]
Phew!! Excuse me while I regain my breath (it's exhausting business having astral entities work through you).

Now, some of you are probably wondering why a complete cynic like me - someone who doesn't even believe in all that supernatural mumbo-jumbo and with no tolerance for any paranormal guff whatsoever - why on earth should I (of all people) be endowed with these amazing, psychic powers.
Ironic, no? Seems so illogical. It just doesn't make any sense.

Yeah... that's just the way things are in the spirit world...

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Sharon said...

What?! No Aries forecast??

Dont you know we are the FIRST in the Zodiak?