Sunday, August 27, 2006

pervert alert

Paedophiles come in all guises
Sicko Ozzy professor, Freda Briggs, with approval from cop, Owen Sanders, to fuel more sexual abuse hysteria by forcing PRE-SCHOOL children to undergo the Keeping Ourselves Safe program. Briggs says we aren't providing kids with enough info to keep them safe (from paedophiles), so in the guise of 'empowering' kids, we have to fill their heads with grisly nightmares of pederastic abuse. Children to be asked questions such as:
"What If? Someone shows you photos that you think are rude.
"What If? A man asks you to touch his penis.
"What If? Someone you know very well keeps trying to get you on your own and touch you between your legs.
This is Abuse, imo. Why must our youngsters undergo this type of gruelling invasive inquisition? Why shatter every child's innocence? Why damage their trust in adults and sow seeds of sexual insecurity and suspicion at such a tender age?
Sexual fetishists come in all shapes and sizes. Methinks
perverted adults (like Briggs & Sanders) must live in a bizarre fantasy world haunted by garish sexual torments. The shame is that these unhinged neurotics have access to our kids where they can spoil childhoods by poisoning toddlers' thoughts with their own unresolved psycho-sexual conflicts. Imprinting rape, incest and child molestation scenarios on young impressionable minds is abuse!

Got pre-school kids? Enrolled in daycare? What are they teaching them at your institution?
Do you know?
Do you care?


Scotty said...

That is just terrible!

And another reason I want my kids homeschooled.

Ruth said...

Agree such young children don't need this sort of detail robbing the of their innocence - which is lost soon enough with TV etc.

I don't object to sex education per se with older kids - but I DO object to the crass way they go about it in schools.