Saturday, September 30, 2006

blog day

blog makeover
Moved to Blogger beta. Good news is you can:
  • Justify text. At last! no more unsightly ragged edges.
  • Make tags (they call them "labels").
  • Change colours, add pictures and all sorts.
  • Give yourself hits when you click "View my complete profile." I've since increased my 'Profile views' dramatically: instant popularity! :-) Oh, come on, it's how you 'present yourself' to the world that counts. Haven't you heard of marketing & PR? Besides, who cares if it's not a 'true' number? - there's no such thing as truth, remember? [Jeez, where's a post-modernist when you need one?]
Bad news:
  • The preview is just as hopeless as the last one.
Today is blog face-lift day whereby I muck around with extra features to present the All Noo & Improved format (the content, alas, will remain of wretched quality).

Update: Ahh damn. My hit-counter, cluster-map & 'Darnton vs Clark' thingies have disappeared. (I knew I'd stuff things up sooner or later, should never have started fiddling around).

Update II: Have unintentionally narrowed the text field. Arrgghh!! Making a terrible hash of things. Good news is beta blogger publishes really fast.

Update III: Somehow managed to revert back to old version (phew!) & rescued old counters. That's all the fiddling my stress levels can take for now!


Phil said...

That's it for the meantime.
Yellow & black: Wellington colours. Yeehah!

Phil said...

One not-so-good thing about beta blogs is that you can't (or at least I can't) add the "target=_blank" thingey at the end of hyperlinks to make them open up in a new window. Which kinda sux, imo.