Monday, October 02, 2006

Smile, mate!

Say "cheese" - er, actually... perhaps not
Anyone who ever said Ozzys were a "toothless bunch" may be right after all. Recent research reveals results that leave little to smile about (or smile with). Australians have 2nd worst dental health in the developed world, with the highest rates of extractions. Well done; beating the Brits in bad dentistry is no mean feat. Experts are gnashing their teeth (what few they have left) over the yawning gaps that exist between social classes (and between pearly whites) after Federal Govt's cuts to dental care begin to bite.


fm said...

Now see, I go and pay you a compliment and then, in the very next post, you have a go at us over here in God's country. It will pay me to scroll down first I think.

I questioned the authenticity of this research. Sure, up here in sunny Queensland they still won't let the government put fluoride into the water, but I'm very rarely confronted with scary dental work on a scale like you regularly see in the UK.

Still, it's the Australian Dental Association asking for a "national campaign", so there's no conflict of interest there!

Phil said...

C'mon now! September was "No Oz bashing" month out of respect for Steve Irwin & Peter Brock. But it's October now, so normal transmission resumes - with no Ocker spared! (even those sunny Queenslanders with lovely non-fluoridated smiles).