Monday, September 04, 2006

feast or famine?

Doom-monger's dilemma
A battle of the Chicken-littles rages as warring factions in the Worldwide-disasters-R-us camp can't decide whether ill-fated earthlings will ultimately all starve to death due to diminishing food harvests (as per the UN's Food & Agriculture Org's dire prognostications), or perish in a calamitous calorific obesity epidemic (foretold by World Health Org worry-worts). Food for thought, no? This current impasse bears some similarity to the global warming/ice age scare scenarios, i.e. there's an apocalypse to suit everyone's taste.

So what's it to be, concerned citizens? How will it all end? An anorexic Armageddon or gluttonous Global-meltdown?
You decide!

[I'll reserve my judgment till after my second third helping of pudding]

Bon appetit!

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